And she asked, “Do they ever stop?”

It didn’t take long for Tom Shields and me to drift away from the co-ed dinner conversation.  Minutes after the last bite, he and I embarked on a lively late night dialog over advertising optimization models, Ribbit, and YieldEx.

Oblivious of our post-gastronomical transition into conversational isolation, our wives simultaneously and unbeknownst
to us, paused, and stared incredulously.  Tom’s fabulous wife, Louisa, turned to my fabulous wive, Helen, and asked, “Do they ever stop?”

“It’s what makes them who they are” said Helen.

Is that what it is that makes an entrepreneur what she/he is?  Maybe.  Part of it.

Without an unquenchable thirst for the possibility, the new technique, the twist in business model, the “wouldn’t it be great?” that takes our meandering minds away from our fabulous wives, fabulous mountain surroundings, and fabulous feast to focus with intensity on our passion for business, we’d never be able to create past that which has already been created.

I think Louisa and Helen, at least in part, love us for this bit of ‘what makes us who we are.’

I know for sure that their indulgence of this part of us, is one of the many things we love of them.


3 thoughts on “And she asked, “Do they ever stop?”

  1. Delicious. You and Tom are so blessed, Crick. With the magnanimous response of your brilliant wives who love you, with the kindred mindset and spirit that you share with one another; and with the creative gifts with which you’ve been endowed.

    1. Thank you Catherine! It’s been two years since this post… reading it closes the space of time joining yesterday with today, renewing every essence of the irreplaceable importance or these relationships.

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