InfoWorld Salutes Ribbit as a “Rising Star”

May 19th, 2008 by Don Thorson | located in SaaS, Voice, Salesforce, Ribbit | trackback

InfoWorld Top 10 Technology Startups

Good news: InfoWorld honored Ribbit this morning by choosing us as one of the Hottest Tech Startups of 2008: part of an elite list highlighting “newbies whose technologies could make a huge difference to business IT.”

This recognition is especially meaningful to us given InfoWorld’s selection criteria. They award start-ups based on:

“…real technology innovation — what will drive technology forward in ways that could revolutionize some aspect of business IT…We seek at least one of three qualities: truly new technologies, innovative approaches within existing technology areas, and technologies applied in new ways to solve different problems.”

Ribbit’s founder and CEO Ted Griggs added his perspectives:
“We’re very happy to have stood out from an impressive pack of
startups, and especially from some outstanding new mobile and telephony ventures that InfoWorld considered. We’re also pleased that InfoWorld really got it right in their grasp of vertical application integration and the real convergence of voice into business workflow and productivity.

“Voice automation is a game changer—a ‘new way to solve a problem,’ ” as InfoWorld says. It’s exciting to us to see how productivity changes when voice hits Web apps, and we’re really glad that InfoWorld saw the power of this transformation.”

InfoWorld reporter Bill Snyder
dug deep to get an insightful grasp of Ribbit’s whole story—the technology, business model, and developer outlook—during the research that led up to the award. He definitely captured the vision when he said:

“Expect to see Ribbit go beyond sales force automation; integration with vertical applications in finance, real estate, medical, and others is on the way.”

Thank you, Bill, and InfoWorld. We are thrilled to be on this illustrious list.

InfoWorld Salutes Ribbit as a “Rising Star”


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