“Inter-Immersive” Networking

Just read this post forwarded to me by Mat Taylor, about an MIT project to create a ‘wearable computing system that turns any surface into an interactive display screen.”

Though creating a portable projection system for web content is intersting from an alternate I/O standpoint, the really fascinating impact of a wearable inteconneted projecting computing sytems is far reaching.

Others have proposed “wearable computers.” This concept takes wearable computing to another level by moving from a passive I/O to an interactive I/O- and immersive experience.

“Inter-immersive” networking technology, crossed with social networking and location contextual data feeds made a part and parcel to corpus – and people become elements of the Internet, not merely users/observers.

As people move about their lives and interact with their physical environment, their virtual environment will receive stimuli, and react. Imagine moving through a shopping, sports, business, or social experiences to which your personal and data network can respond,
One step short of, and one step beyond, a telepathic community. Inter-Imersive Networking.


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