Has the FCC become Google’s Marionette?

There is a great rift brewing between Apple and Google over an iPhone application that makes using Google Voice easier than using the Google Voice web page. The rift has escalated to the FCC.

The rift is over whether or not Apple will allow Google’s voice application in the iPhone store.

The question to ask is, “Does Apple have an obligation to allow an (Google Voice) application?” After all, it’s Apple’s phone, Apple’s App Store, AT&T’s network. If an application is otherwise legal and un-offensive yet somehow impinges upon Apple’s business, what is Apple’s obligation? Is the obligation legal, moral, or is it compelled by a the will of a segment of iPhone subscribers?

Do you think it ‘right’ that Google is able to stimulate the FCC to engage over a Google Application for the Apple iPhone App Store? Doesn’t it seem a bit unbalanced that the FCC is engaged in this sandbox scuffle? No laws have been broken and only a few tens of thousands of people are potentially affected (the intersection of iPhone and Google Voice is simply trivial when compared to the FCC’s scope).

So why shouldn’t the general public be outraged that Google is causing our tax dollars to be spent strong-arming AT&T and Apple to let a tiny fraction of the public make free phone calls using an iPhone application when the same thing can be accomplished using a browser on the iPhone?

The greater question is, “Who is controlling the laws of telcom in the U.S.?” It appears Google now has a hand on the marionettes’ strings.

Read AT&T and Apple’s responses to the FCC’s letters to Google and Apple.


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