PG&E – They MUST have a REASON

Then again —  as a monopoly service provider, they don’t have to.

Go ahead, try it.  Try logging into your PG&E account.  If you’re like many, you set up automatic payments months ago.  Maybe even more than six months ago.  So you won’t be able to log into you account either.

What, CALL??
“We are passionate about meeting our customer’s needs.”


So I called.

Problem one:  After navigating the voice prompts, I was connected to an agent who then informed me I CALLED THE WRONG NUMBER.  OK.  bad enough I have to call in the first place.  You’d think that PG&E would at least publish the right number.  They wasted $1.00 of customer care agent time tell me the Internet services number and transfer my call.

Problem two:  The Internet services agent IS UNABLE TO REACTIVE YOU ACCOUNT!  Get this, the agent submits a request that TAKES TWO BUSINESS DAYS TO PROCESS!

Amazing.  Two customer care agents at $1.00 a minute to tell me that in two days I’ll be able to log in.

The story is actually sadder still.  My wife burned through all kinds of customer care agent time trying to cancel service over the phone.  Because the service was set up in my name, PG&E wouldn’t take the disconnect order from her.  They told her that I should do it on-line because it would be faster and easier.

I told my agent this bit of the story.  She then suggested that I call in instead of waiting for my account access to be restored.

Go figure.

Good news for us, we’re moving to Palo Alto.  Palo Alto has its own city utility company.  My fingers are crossed.


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