Guilty as charged.

The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – Piggybacking

Used to be that I’d chafe at attending some social events because they took me away from my work.  Usually, though, once away I’d step into the moment and enjoy the company and time away from my desk.

That’s not always the case anymore.  Seems more and more I find myself in social situations that are ‘intermittent’ – periodically, and frequently, interrupted for bursts of work activity over the cloud.  We used to call the devices that made this the case “crackberries”.  RIM may have started it, but the cloud has been embraced by every device manufacture now.  And with the shift of applications to the cloud, Dropbox, browser apps, and more… well, we can “work from other peoples homes as well.”

We may not chafe as much when asked to leave our desks anymore, then again, we’re not really leaving our desks anymore are we?


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