Attention LinkedIn webmaster: code bug – bugging me!

LinkedIn introduced a new feature in group discussions and in the process dropped a single character from a DIV.  Firefox 12 can’t handle this bug while Chrome and Safari plow right on through ignoring the bug.  It’s been a several weeks now … taking bets on when LI will fix this?

Here’s what it looks like.  Go to any group page and click the discussion tab.  Use Firefox.  I took this screen shot running FF in safe mode just to be sure …

That little spinning set of greyscale circles isn’t supposed to be there.

Here’s the culprit.  You can see the missing “n” in this div: <div class=”postmodule-scree”></div>

<form id=”share-form” name=”ANetPostForm” accept-charset=”UTF-8″ method=”POST” action=”/groups”> <input type=”hidden” value=”ajax:3071745567600582084″ name=”csrfToken”>
<div class=”postmodule-scree”></div>

Firefox is getting hung up on the typo in the div class.

Poke an “n” into the div class to correct the code to <div class-“postmodule-screen”></div> and voila!
All happy again and Firefox is rendering the form correctly:

Know the right person at LinkedIn?


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