A Three-Screen Lunch

Riding my bicycle to a lunch meeting in downtown Palo Alto, I pulled to the side fo the road to check my iPhone for location.  But the phone proved to be inadequate.  The screen was too small, it was difficult to type on, and frustration with the experience began to set in.

Then I remembered: my 3G iPad was in my knapsack.  So I spun off my pack and fired up my iPad.  Found what I was looking for easily and comfortably.

A few minutes later, savoring a Reuben sandwich with grilled asparagus at Epi Cafe, my iPad was the perfect company with it’s small footprint keeping my table comfortable and my mind engaged with Flipboard.  

And it occurred to me, after my table neighbors and I sang the praises of Epi’s excellent lunch (she has wild king salmon Eggs Benedict) to write this little post. Luckily, I have my MacBook with me.  The third screen?  (leaving TV out of the count entirely).  

A three-screen lunch.


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