Voice crushes data as the killer revenue app

You know about overage charges.
The ones that hit you when you go over your mobile voice or data plan limits.

I was curious about the value that AT&T puts on rate plan overages as an indicator of the service value (read “revenue value”) to AT&T.  In other words, how much money does AT&T make when people go over their rate plans.

AT&T Charges $0.45 per minute for voice overages.


That’s $10/22 mins, or $30 an hour.  Three hours of talk time would cost a staggering $90!

But data is only $10/GB over (up to 5GB cumulative, then it goes to $15/GB).  For $10 of data overage, one can watch 3 hours of HD streaming video!


So AT&T equates $10 of overage charges quite differently between data and voice, and it seams data is the deal:




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