Yahoo! – You’re so deeply screwed up it seems completely hopeless.

Activity Sharing – Yahoo! Profile.

Dear Yahoo!,

UI doesn’t get much poorer than this.

Today I discovered this “Activity Sharing” settings page on my Yahoo! account.
It’s not clear to me what it does… this is what Yahoo! says:

Activity Sharing
Manage your updates

Toggle sharing of your Yahoo! Updates to Facebook and Twitter

Customize where you share on the Connected Accounts page.
Go to Yahoo! News to manage your Yahoo! Activity settings.

Control where your activity should be shared

There are all kinds of wrong about this.

    1. Some kind of “activity sharing” management page
    2. Managing “updates” too.  Or are “updates” the same as “activity”?
    3. “Toggle” share “updates to Facebook and Twitter”
    4. But “where you share” is on a different page altogether: Connected Accounts (helpfully linked)
    5. And if you’re looking for “activity” that is related somehow to “Yahoo! News,” you’re also in the wrong place.  That kind of “activity” is apparently on a different “Activity settings” page (stupidly not linked).
    6. And finally, the actual instruction to the user for this page:
      “Control where your activity should be shared”

“Control”?  –  “Toggle”?  –  “Manage”?
“Where” you “Share”?  (but not what you share)
“Activity”  –  “Updates”?
But not Yahoo! News “activity”.

And not “where you share”…. that’s on a different page.
Except for the “where you share” controls on this page.

OMFG this is bad.

These descriptions of the purpose of this page are so contradictory as to be completely useless.

    1. “Customize “Where you share” —  ???  Wait, the headline is about sharing on Facebook and Twitter.  One would think the “Where” is Facebook or Twitter.  Right?  But no.  There is nothing about FB or Twitter.
    2. How much more confusing and contradictory can this be:
      1. NOWHERE on the page is there ANY information about my Facebook or Twitter accounts.  No “connect with” or “disconnect with” or “you’re Facebook/Twitter accounts are/are not connected.”  It’s a total vacuum of information. YET – “Toggle sharing… to FB and Twitter” is the headline.
      2. “Customize where you share” is on a different page.  “Control where you share” is on this page.  Huh?
      3. Except sharing your Yahoo! News activity.  It’s on neither of those pages.  It has it’s own page (without a link).

Someone should be sacked.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL.  The UI just takes the cake.

This is what the “customization” controls look like (and there are 270 of these):

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 11.35.41 AM

What does this mean?

  • Am I sharing my “activity” on my “Account Link”?  What is an “Account Link” and how could something (my activity) be shared there?
  • What IS my “activity”?
  • What about “Account Services”?  Am I already sharing my activity there?  And what does “(rating)” mean?

Tool tips anyone??  Check this out:

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 11.35.55 AM      Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 11.36.03 AM

So, “Control where your activity should be shared” is “Share this on Yahoo!”?
Is is just me or is this completely confusing?  I thought I was deciding whether to share my activity on this thing called Account Link.

This tool tip clears that right up.
I am actually deciding to share my Account Link on Yahoo!
Got it?  Or maybe English should be my second language?

So now tell me the difference between:  Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 11.36.12 AM  and  Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 11.36.18 AM  ?

Right!!  One is “Share this on Yahoo!” and the other is “Share this on Yahoo!”

There are 270 settings for “places where my activity can be shared”!!  … and no “select all” feature. 

To change them, one has to scroll through 27 pages of entries.

Oh Yahoo!  What to do with you.


One thought on “Yahoo! – You’re so deeply screwed up it seems completely hopeless.

  1. Crick
    The best thing about Yahoo’s UI is that it’s helped us to see more emotion from you than anything I can ever remember seeing! Thanks, YAHOO! 🙂

    (By the way: As bad as the Yahoo UI is, guess where I believe I’ve seen one that’s WORSE? GOOGLE GROUPS! (Have you been in their within the past 5 years? Have you ever tried to LEAVE Google Groups – COMPLETELY? Have you ever tried to get Google Groups to completely KILL one of your old groups? Has one of your Google groups ever been taken over and turned into a SPAM machine – one which even SPAMS YOU, THE CREATOR of the group??? – Well, I have… So, as inept as Yahoo may be in the description above, Google Groups gets the Golden Globe from me…)

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