No (iPad) Safari Geniuses at the Genius Bar

Safari freezes on my iPad 2.  Always.

I went to the Genius bar several times.  Each time the Genius re-imaged so to speak my iPad.  Then Safari would work.  For a while.  A short while.  Then it would freeze and crash.

None of the Geniuses could figure it out.  So they gave me a new iPad 2.

I fired it up and started filling in all the usual stuff, including my iCloud account.

And boom.  Safari would freeze and the iPad would crash.

Figure it out yet?

It was iCloud.

iCloud was syncing my browser bookmarks across all of my devices creating zillions of duplicates.  Every time I opened Safari, it would try to load all those bookmarks.  Freeze.  Crash.

So I disabled iCloud and wiped out bookmarks.  Problem solved.  Cleared out bookmark duplicates with duplicate remover, wiped out bookmarks from all my browsers but one (a Firefox on one machine), and left iCloud sync to Safari disabled.  Then I installed the Firefox app to get me access to all my bookmarks synced across all my devices.

Problem solved.

Who’s the Genius now baby!


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