Dashlane Password Manager Rocks!

Back in January I wrote a post about my old favorite password manager going away, “myVidoop going away – BUT you can SAVE your passwords!,” and how to use Dashlane to save the day.  At the time, I wasn’t sure how great (or not) Dashlane would be – only that it could suck my old passwords out of MyVidoop saving me hours and hours of trouble.

Now I can say without a shadow of doubt that Dashlane falls into that rareified category of “all-time favorite software” apps.  Dashlane had been meeting and exceeding my lofty expectations day in and day out.  So much so that I agreed to be on Dashlane’s Board of Users.

Today, David Pogue posted his own advice, no his command, to “get Dashlane.”  Here’s a link to his video.

And here is the full article.


6 thoughts on “Dashlane Password Manager Rocks!

    1. I haven’t used Roboform though understand it’s a good product too.
      Though I don’t see that it’s cheaper.
      Dashlane is free while Roboform licenses are from $29.5 to $39.95 per device, with a different $19.95 annual cloud-based license. Dashlane also offers a synchronization service for $19.95 annually.

      This is what PC Magazine said about Dashlane when they gave it their editor’s choice award over Roboform and the rest (v.1.1 – haven’t seen reviews of the newly released v2.0 though I can say that the upgrade is really great):

      By Neil J. Rubenking

      If I had to describe the new Dashlane 1.1 (free) password manager in a single word, I’d call it elegant. Dashlane handles the same essential tasks as other password managers, but with a better appearance and a minimum of user effort. It also boasts features you just won’t find in the competition.

      (Link the full article)

      Doesn’t seem one can go wrong with either product. What I can say is that for folks who haven’t yet made a choice, I’ve found Dashlane to be a great product with a superb support team behind it.

      1. Hey Crick!

        Roboform does offer a free version, I’ve been using it since around 2003.

        On a unrelated note I just wanted to chime in since I’ve been following your articles since your xfinity piece back in March/April timeframe and am using Xfinity myself as my isp.

      2. Thanks for that Kyle. I had only found Roboform’s “Buy” page: http://www.roboform.com/php/pums/rfprepay.php?lic=default&lang=en&lang=en
        I now see they have a free version. Guess they don’t want one to find the free version once one has landed on the ‘pay’ page.

        Though I have to admit I’m completely confused over the Free versus Paid versions – the comparison page leaves me with a bunch of questions like what counts as a “log in” in the free version? “Log in” can have so many definitions… And the free version appears hamstrung by being excluded from updates – so does that mean that once one opts for a free version one is forever locked into that version of the software until one forks over $29.95?

        Dashlane’s simple pricing model: (1) free and unlimited and (2) $19.95/yr for syncronization between devices ought at least to drive Roboform to a more easily understood pricing model.

        Thanks for following!

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