Tired of “Does SoAndSo have these skills?” LinkedIn Endorsement Prompt?

OMG am I tired of these!  Every damn time I look a LinkedIn connection’s page 20-50% of the real estate is taken up by this:


Or more annoying still — logging into LinkedIn now takes you to your own profile page with this unbelievably large prompt:


And LinkedIn provides NO WAY to turn these prompts off.

Want to get rid of these? 

There’s a way if you use Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Android, or IE.

I was able to do so using AdBlock Plus. Image

I’ve been using AdBlock Plus pretty much since it came out for Firefox – and I love it for un-cluttering web pages.

But ABP has much more power than just blocking ads.  You can also, with simple mouse clicks, customize ABP to block web page elements.  And this is how I use it to block those annoying “Endorsement” prompts on LI profiles.

After you install ABP, here is how to block Endorsement prompts:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile and if you have an endorsement prompt, do the following.  (If you don’t have one, read step 16 first)
  2. Locate the ABP icon on your browser or use the menu (in FF for example, it’s under “Tools>AdBlock Plus”):

    Image    or   Image

  3. Select “Open Blockable Items”:


  4. You’ll see a list of items that ABP can block:


  5. In the Search field, type “Endorsements”


  6. Look at the list of addresses and find the one that says “suggested-member-skill-endorsements-for-multiple-members” and click on it


  7. Clicking this address with open up a dialog box:Image
  8. Click on “Show existing filters…”


  9. You’ll see this dialog box:
  10. Choose the Custom Filters tab:


  11. You’ll see this:


  12. Select one of the “New filter groups” – it should be empty if you’ve never done this before:Image
  13. Select the Action button and Rename the group to something like “LinkedIn”


  14. Then close that dialog box:


  15. Now tell ABP what pattern to look for.  You have choices in this dialog box, but only one of the is the one you want:

    ImageNote the placement of the asterisk wildcard.

    The default selection will block any URL that starts with “linkedin.com/profile/” – NOT what you want.Neither is blocking “linkedin.com^” nor the “Custom” option since this would apply only to that specific page and not to all pages generically.  So choose the first option:


    And close the dialog box by clicking “Add Filter”:  Image

  16. Do this one more time by going to an existing first degree contact’s LI page that prompts you for endorsements.  Follow the steps above except that in Step 6, instead of looking for the address the that says “suggested-member-skill-endorsements-for-multiple-members,” find the address that says, “suggested-member-skill-endorsements-for-single-member.”

That should do it!

Hope this helps, and more importantly, that LI give us the option to suppress these prompts in the future.


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