Microsoft Lync Web App ROCKS!

I just had one of the smoothest, highest quality, web conferences with desktop audio, video, and application sharing EVER.

Hey, for lots of reason, I was truly concerned when my meeting with Sprint was setup on Microsoft Lync.  Let’s face it, Microsoft hasn’t exactly been a paragon of contemporary UI — and enterprise web conferencing with the likes of WebEx to this day remains clunky, heavy, difficult, and “oh so 2006.”

So I was delighted with the remarkably simple UI of Lync, very high audio quality, HD video quality, and its not only easy to use, but flawlessly executed desktop and application sharing.

I’ve been touting for the past year because it’s lightweight, is easy to use, and has built-in desktop audio.

But I have to say, Lync surprised me.

And Lync is less then 1/6 the price of!  Who would have guessed?

Lync has individual licenses starting at $2.00 per month to’s $13.00 per month:

Though MSFT needs a little help in selling — “Choose the plan that best meets your needs” is great but for the fact that there is no information about the difference between the plans.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 2.09.46 PM

Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised by Lync.


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