Convert .rtf Word docs to HTML format – Lifesaver!

If you’ve ever had a Word document that you needed to post on the web – you realize that Word does a perfect job of making the document look just like it’s still in Word.

The problem is that the web is not Word – and all we really need is the text in HTML tags with basic formatting (bold, italics, font, etc.).  Word, outputs pages of complicated CSS styles – and to strip all the junk out would take days.

Welcome RTF2HTML.

With RTF2HTML, simply save your Word doc in RTF format, open in RTF2HTML, choose whether you want in-line styles (bold, font, etc.), or styles at the head of the document and press convert.


Thank you “From Concentrate Software” 🙂

via Download RTF2HTML for Mac – Concert .rtf Word docs to HTML format.


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