Why WE are responsible for Carly Fiorina’s BS water propoganda

Time Magainze published a short article titled, Carly Fiorina: The Man-made Water Shortage in California – a flaming piece of Fiorina-produced propaganda placing the blame for California’s water situation on protection of the Sacramento river smelt.  Her point, not even implied point, is that “liberals,” in protecting the river smelt, have prevented California from taking action that would have prevented its present drought condition – well, not the drought itself, but the resultant shortage of water for use by people would have been prevented if we’d just not protected the smelt.

Hmmmm….  Seem a little  too simple to you?

It’s BS.  The smelt did nothing to increase water consumption in California beyond the State’s available natural resources.  Its the people not the smelts Carly,

Population growth greater than what the native water supply in CA can sustain has been the issue since the arrival of Europeans. The problem is not new, and it’s not the smelts.  It’s the size of the population and for what we, the people, use water that is the issue.

Does the CA legislature have a hand in this? You bet. Do the “liberals” (assuming only liberals care for the environment and preservation of species)? You bet. Do the “conservatives” (assuming only conservatives are financially-motivated developers ever-inching up demand on water resources)? You bet. EVERYONE has a hand and EVERYONE is impacted.

What government CAN do is leverage the legislative and executive bodies to create policies that encourage desired behavior and enforce the prevention of undesired behavior.

I was in Mexico when I wrote this, barely able to breath for the uncontrolled automobile exhaust emissions. Though there are far more cars in Los Angles than in this little part of Mexico (San Carlos del Cabo), the U.S. State and Federal government imposed and enforced legislation regulating the emissions of vehicles makes L.A. air breathable. When Mexico decides to do the same, the air there will improve as well.

Water is a shared and scarce resource like air – but more precious as the replenishment cycle for water is far, far, longer.

It’s up to us – not Carly Fiorina, not the “liberals,” not the “conservatives,” – but us, the citizens, to demand legislation coupled with enforcement that will enable California to prosper in ways consistent with our supplies of scarce, shared, water resources.


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